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Scrub Management through Higher Level Stewardship

Scrub is an important habitat in its own right and provides a home for a range of wildlife.

The aim of scrub clearance is thus by no means to remove all scrub; rather to reduce its extent and to manage the remaining stands of scrub to maximise species, age and structural diversity and to promote a good ‘interface’ between the scrub and the grassland.

Scrub clearance is undertaken through the Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) Agreement. The scrub management plan aims to reconcile management for the key species on site with landscape, recreational and livestock issues, and it also gives consideration to the outcomes of the HLS consultation exercise.

We are a Natural England approved contractor and have worked closely with them and Devon wildlife trust on many sites including sites of special scientific interest (SSSI).

The Bobcat track loaders we use are well suited to wet ground – the 5psi ground pressure keeps ground disturbance to a minimum and our Terra Saw quickly clears all scrub with ease. Grass and brambles can be cleared with the BobCat mounted Flail Mower.

Before Scrub Clearance by South West Bob Cat        After Scrub Clearance by South West Bob Cat
Before                                                                            After